Cohabiting (2019) was created in collaboration with Emily Morley. 

This series of photographs captures the artists, Larisa Wade and Emily Florence Morley, in their first Chicago apartment together. Intimacy and queer affection characterize this relationship between two women: one cisgender and one transgender. Set during the closing months of 2019, the images express stillness and anticipation, encompassing Emily’s recovery from surgery, holidays, and mundane moments.


Historically, very few trans voices have contributed to media that explores love by and for trans people. In contemporary popular media, narratives and representations of trans relationships are often punctuated by tragedy and forget trans-inclusive homosexual desires. Medical transition, when mentioned, is misrepresented as a brief and effortless process. Necessarily, this project diverges from these depictions. 


Through a mutually empowering process, the artists conceptualized and produced these photographs. They believe the series is an honest and affirming depiction of one season of their lives.

This website contains selected images. To see the full series, contact me from the About/Contact page.

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